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Mysuru- An enriching experience

The day began with a new sunrise. We three (I, Priyank and Saumitra)  were out for our new and exciting journey to Mysore, the city of palaces and I got a chance to visit another part of India which was untouched by my feet. We took a cab from our guesthouse and started travelling towards Mysore through Bangalore-Mysore highway.  The road was ‘as smooth as butter’.     But at the same time, it was very strange looking at mountains, people and even the signboards. I think this is the reason why we call our country “Incredible India”. It shows various faces of life when you travel to different parts of the country.      A half an hour after, we passed through Srirangapattanam, One of the famous historical places from India but as our target was Mysore so we didn’t stop in Srirangam. While on the way to Mysore, we decided our first spot (The first principle of travelling –‘planning’ was simply ignored by us at that time), but at least we were aware of the tourist places in Mysore so it w…

All about Relationships - by Shraddha Ponkshe

Imagine you are all alone on this beautiful planet, surrounded by the nature’s beauty. For a few       days or for that matter few months, you will be able to survive through the loneliness ,but later on you might go completely mad being alone all the time (nature lovers might not agree with me).     I wonder how Adam and Eve would have survived, just the two of them on this huge planet. Looking at their difficulties,God might have created the concept of Family which eventually gave rise to various Relationships. As it is said, “More of a thing you have the less you want it”. It is the simple Law of 'DMU'. To put it in other words (with respect to relations), more the number of people around us the less we value them and our relations.      Whenever we receive our favorite gift we usually use it to the fullest, similarly relationships are gifts from God which need to be valued. According to me, being alone,away from family and friends helps us realize the value of our relations…


जलबिंदुस त्या भेदून गेले
रविकिरण ते आरपार
सप्तरंग उधळीत आले
इंद्रधनुवर होऊन स्वार ता ना पि हि नि पा जा
रंग ते असती सात
सदैव सोबत कधी न सोडती
एकमेकांची घट्ट साथ कधी अर्धे अन कधी पूर्ण
वेगवेगळी नावे त्यांस
अर्धवट ते इंद्रधनू
अन इंद्रव्रज ते पूर्णत्वास क्षणभंगुर  हे रत्न
निसर्गाचे असती खास
पाहूनी त्यासी मज होई
श्रावणात या हर्षोउल्हास -पुणे, 2016