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The Howl in the Moonlight - By nitish Sane

It was somewhere in the summer when he was traveling from of the "UNESCO“  top ten Biodiversity hot spots, 'The western Ghats', in his big spacious white Scorpio! His attention was drawn by two sparkling eyes in the dark.
What was it, a jackal?
No, it’s a wolf! Now a complete frame gave him its exact specification. He parked his car nearby where there was a plateau, took his DSLR camera and returned to the place where he saw that wolf. He tried to find the wolf in surrounding but it resulted in just a waste of time. After roaming around for more than hour, he decided to search for some pug marks, which will at least provide some valid proof for existence of the wolf. No one trusts human eye; that’s what he knew! After spending an hour or two, finally he found the pug mark. But, it was becoming darker, so he took some photographs and decided to return with a torch after having a small nap. He was stubborn enough, that he won’t return without getting a good shot of that wolf…