All about Relationships - by Shraddha Ponkshe

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    Imagine you are all alone on this beautiful planet, surrounded by the nature’s beauty. For a few       days or for that matter few months, you will be able to survive through the loneliness ,but later on you might go completely mad being alone all the time (nature lovers might not agree with me).
    I wonder how Adam and Eve would have survived, just the two of them on this huge planet. Looking at their difficulties,God might have created the concept of Family which eventually gave rise to various Relationships. As it is said, “More of a thing you have the less you want it”. It is the simple Law of 'DMU'. To put it in other words (with respect to relations), more the number of people around us the less we value them and our relations.
     Whenever we receive our favorite gift we usually use it to the fullest, similarly relationships are gifts from God which need to be valued. According to me, being alone,away from family and friends helps us realize the value of our relations. Unfortunately now a days , name,fame,prosperity and professional achievements have become the parameters to judge true relationships. Maintaining relationships is a skill which can be mastered through day to day experiences. There is a saying in Marathi “ Tali eka hatane wajat nahi” which means that we cannot clap just by one hand we need both the hands. 
    Similarly, while maintaining relationships, efforts have to be taken equally from both the parties. Every relation is unique in its own way. It’s our duty to maintain it and nurture it. Even a drop of poison is sufficient to kill a relationship, therefore its we who need to take care of that relation. The base of every relation is built on trust, love and care. If any of these are missing the existence of the relationship becomes difficult.
    There are two types of people, the ones who act and the others who just react, we have to choose who we want in our lives. The ones who act and contribute to the relationship or the ones who just react on our actions.
   It is we who need people, if we don’t value them from the very first day we will surely be left alone in the future, this would be nothing but “Apnehi pairron pe kulhadi marna”. It’s our duty to maintain such wonderful bonds existing on this planet. Taking others for granted sometimes hurts them, which we never realize, so let’s try and avoid taking others for granted and try maintaining the wonderful bonds.

©Shraddha Vikrant Ponkshe

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