About Me

      I am Shantanu Paranjpe, an aspiring chartered accountant by profession but keeping aside my work or say professional background I am a very different person in nature or may in pursuing my hobbies.

     Well, I do like to write, that's why I started this blog. I like to travel a lot, the main reason behind it, is you get to know various people, their culture, history and many more things. I am a keen listener of classical music and loves to play the Flute as well as Tabala which helps me to maintain my inner strength.

    Along with this, I am kind of wildlife photographer and try to click birds or nature with my canon power shot SX 400. Well, when I started bird watching back in June 2015, since then I am trying to conserve wildlife in various forms. That's why I started a group called 'Alive' to put a step forward in wildlife conservation. I along with my 2 friends started a magazine named 'Planet Untamed' on spreading awareness regarding wildlife. You can visit www.planetuntamed.com to download previous issues.

In 2017, I published my own book 'Firasti Maharashtrachi' co-authored with my friend Anurag Vaidya where we wrote information about 33 offbeat places of Maharashtra. The book has got the forward written by eminent historian Mr. Mahesh Tendulkar. 

Along with all these activities, I arrange heritage tours under the name 'Firasti Maharashtrachi' where I try to share the information related to various historical places such as ancient caves, temples and forts etc. for more details you can visit www.firastimh.in.

 As far now this is all I have and I am sure the list will increase in further years...

Looking forward to hear from you and meet you soon...
Till then bye bye!! Keep writing and keep visiting!!

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